OFFWORLD is brand new, and so is our folio. Please get in touch if you need to see more.

Aircraft Interiors

We have experience of leading some of the aviation industry’s most prestigious and innovative airline interior projects.

We have helped to create new or improved lavatories, showers, galleys, galley equipment, passenger destinations, bulkheads and cabin architecture.

We have designed aircraft seating, from the very front of the aircraft in the cockpit, to the very back and created new classes in between.

We have collaborated with some of the best Airlines and OEMs on the planet and have even designed for Royalty.

OFFWORLD is brand new, if you would like know more about our aviation experience please get in touch.

Industrial Design and Special Projects

We have worked on a huge range of projects over the last 20 years: air conditioners, air fresheners, basins, bathrooms, bikes, bottle openers, earplugs, earplug dispensers, experimental vehicles, frisbees, hairdryers, hair straighteners, hair trimmers, home security, hovercraft, kettles, liferafts, mobile phones, point of sales, science equipment, sauce dispensers, taxi super phone chargers, ticket machines, and on and on.

We have collaborated with established brands, startups and inventors, bringing our range of experience and expertise to projects.

OFFWORLD is brand new, if you would like know more about our industrial design and special project experience please get in touch.